Will Steven Tyler be excluded from Aerosmith?

Moreover, it seems that Tyler was one of those short listed to replace Robert Plant when he decided not to pursue a Led Zeppelin reunion after their one-off London show in 2007 and according to Zep’s Jimmy Page, the audition was “awkward”.

It seems that one day “Steven disappeared and I called around. Somebody said he was in London trying out for Led Zeppelin. It’s something I’ve never talked about before. It’s a kind of window into how hard it’s been to keep the partnership together. It’s not the first time things like this have happened – that’s the downside of our relationship”, said Joe Perry from Aerosmith.

More than that, Tyler turned up without knowing enough about Led Zep’s set or gameplan, and was under the impression he’d be joining the band to write new material – which wasn’t currently under discussion and the session was “shambolic”.

Rumors say that Tyler hasn’t spoken to Aerosmith about the episode to this day, lending credence to the suggestion that even though he’s decided he wants to remain in the band, his colleagues have run out of patience with him.

In consequence to that, Tyler’s legal representatives last week said they were prepared to take legal action to prevent his replacement in Aerosmith.