New Marilyn Monroe Photos have been put up for sale

The photos author, Len Steckler, surprised the actress in black and white clichés, in December 1961, when she suddenly came to his apartment in New York to visit his friend the photographer, poet Carl Sandburg.

Steckler drew the pictures for sale (on site as a series, titled “Marilyn Monroe: The Visit”, and in limited edition, each photo is offered in 250 copies. The series includes four independent photo, two triptych that have not been presented to the general public and whose prices range from $1999 to $3999.

The images depicts a Marilyn Monroe with some sharp sunglasses with thick frames, in a dress with short sleeves, talking and laughing with Sandburg. “It was a fortune to be with these two idols with the camera,” said Steckler. Marilyn and Sandburg, who were then 35 and respectively 83 years, have talked and were holding hands during that visit.

Steckler, former fashion photographer, which currently has around 80 years, as he expressed, and lives in Los Angeles, told the fact that in that afternoon in which the happened the actress’s visit, Sandburg had said that they will have a guest in a relaxed manner. “A few hours after, I went to open the door and here I am face to face with Marilyn Monroe, who looked more charming than on screen.

She said:” I am sorry that I delayed. I went to the hairdresser to match my hair with Carl’s, ‘ “the photographer recalled.
Indeed, Marilyn’s hair looks like Sandburg’s in the photos, almost white, Steckler said, mentioning that, after making the photos, all three were drinking whiskey.

“As we know, Marilyn liked older men, intellectuals – and Carl had a parenting attitude over her. It was nice to see,” he told Steckler.
The photographer said, that he decided to sell the blocks after his son found the negatives, for “current generation” would need to see them.

Marilyn Monroe died in August 1962, at the age of 36 years, because of an overdose of drugs and medicines, while Carl Sandburg, the Pulitzer Prize, died seven years later.

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