Toyota could redesign the power button of engine of its models

Toyota could change how the button works, which starts and stops the models’ engine which are equipped with this feature.

At present, the power and stop button of engine from Toyota cars starts the engine at first touch and stops at a continuing push of three seconds.

It seems that this mode is not intuitive enough so that the Japanese want to change the functioning of the button in order to allow the engine to stop engine in running if an emergency occurs.

Those from Toyota will make the start and stop button to stop the engine if that button is touched three times in a row.

According to security experts, allowing the driver to stop the engine while walking through consecutive press of the power button could avoid accidents caused by blocking the accelerator pedal.

The changes will be made on new vehicles, not on those cars already produced by Toyota. Thus, Toyota will not work on a recall to modify the power button of cars.

Keyless start systems are a potential factor for sudden unintended acceleration, say safety experts.

The most worrying thing for safety experts is that the number of vehicles equipped with keyless start system tripled in the last five years, there are currently 155 models sold in the United States of America which are equipped with this system.

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