Leonardo DiCaprio will take a break in 2010

Behind this metamorphosis lies, no doubt, the great Martin Scorsese, who took him under his protective wing, but also a ritual that it is scrupulously followed by Leo.

“When I am involved in a movie, I completely isolate myself towards the world – sometimes even months in a row. I like to do that, because, being alone, I could prepare myself in peace, “explains the actor.

But DiCaprio has also a bad news for his fans.

After 18 years it which he has worked like a robot, has decided to take a break: “In 2010 I will deal only with me, because I already reached 35 years and, until now, I took things seriously. Perhaps too seriously”.

Rumors say Leo might marry to beautiful Bar Rafaeli, and possibly they make a Leo Jr.

Image source: theinsider.com