Madonna will be directing the second film in her career

According to Variety, actress Vera Farmiga, known for her role in “Up In The Air”, will perform the role of divorced American Wallis Simpson, girlfriend of King Edward VIII.

For now, the actor’s name which will perform the role of the British monarch is not known.

The previous film directed by Madonna was “Filth and Wisdom”, released on the big screen in 2008. For the feature film “WE”, Madonna will write the script in collaboration with Alex Keshishian, the director of the documentary about Madonna, called “Truth or Dare” (1991).

While Variety did not say whether Madonna will reserve a place also in front of the camera in the film “WE”, fans of American artists will be able to see as an actress, coming soon, in an episode of reality TV show “The Marriage Ref”, broadcast on NBC.

Described many times as “one of the best pop artist of all time”, also called “Queen of Pop, Madonna is also the best-selling singer of the twentieth century, according to the Recording Industry Association of America with over 200 million albums sold worldwide. In March last year, she was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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