Audi might implement transmission with eight speed steps on the whole range

Most of the Audi staff takes into account the implementation of eight-speed transmissions on all models. Automatic transmission with six gears will be replaced by units with eight steps, which provide additional agility and an additional fuel savings.

For now, those at Audi haven’t announced yet how much they will extent or they will remove or replace manual transmission units with eight steps.

Mercedes-Benz is the only manufacturer of cars that managed to equip almost all models in the range of seven-speed automatic transmission.

Customers who want to buy Audi A1 can take their mind off an eight-speed transmission, at least in the coming years because the Ingolstadt manufacturer announced that A3 is the smallest model in the range which will receive a new gearbox with eight steps.

The smallest engine in the Audi range that will be coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmissions is the TFSI unit with 2.0-liter which equip the A3.

Performance figures of these models have not yet been announced, but we can expect that models with an eight-speed automatic transmission to achieve a significant fuel economy.

The new eight-speed automatic transmissions will use, most likely the DSG technology.

Most of the Audi staff should focus on reducing the size and weight of these transmissions, which will equip as well model as A8 and Q7 models, but also smaller models such as A3 and A4.

A seven-speed DSG transmission has a mass of about 77 kilograms, while the first generation DSG – the six gears – has a mass of 93 kilograms.

Desk high 100 DSG transmission is caused by the fact that the clutch is wet and fluids used increase considerable the weight.

An equivalent transmission with converter weighs is about 85 kilograms, while a manual gearbox with five or six-speed has a mass of around 40 kilograms.

Image source: Insideline