The Japanese attack the U.S. after Toyota hearings: the campaign orchestrated by the cunning

Toyota’s staff hearings that take place for two days in the U.S. Congress have stirred anger in Japan media, which holds that the U.S. legislature portrays the people from Toyota as “thugs and bastard”.

During the hearings in the United States, Toyota was represented by the Japan President, Akio Toyoda, the best-selling newspaper in Japan argue that the whole picture of the hearings are a political show orchestrated by Washington to divert public attention from real issues of this country before Parliament elections.

“Toyota is treated as a band of bandits, U.S. television broadcasting repeatedly testimony of a woman from Tennessee who went through a traumatic experience in 2006, when the Lexus copy she was driving accelerated suddenly and the woman was close to a fatal accident,” said the Yomiuri journalists.

Nikkei BP Magazine supports the view of those of the Yomiuri, publishing an article showing that “hearings are the perfect opportunity for Americans legislators to demonstrate their qualities in order for them to be voted again, demonstrating their voters that they work hard for the welfare of nation.

Another part of the Japanese media says that the U.S. government is behind the campaign that GM and Ford have recently launched, in which the Toyota owners are fooled with significant bonuses if they change their car.

“If these problems would have arisen from Ford or GM, the whole story would have been different. The United States have shown cunning, considers Shintaro Ishihara, the conservative governor of Japan.

Image source: Automarket;