Lady GaGa stole the husband of a fashion designer

According to News of the World, GaGa (23 years) had a relationship with Matt Williams in 2008, but then they separated and he married Erin Hirsh, with whom he currently has one son. The 24 years old man is now working with Gaga, he being the art director behind Gaga’s songs.

However, by the end of 2009, the love flame between the two was rekindled, and recently, GaGa and Matt have been seen together shopping.

According to Erin, her husband took the child and simply left. A few days later, she saw pictures in the press where GaGa and Matt held the 10 months boy in her arms and carry him as the boy was her. It was a painful moment for Erin.

“Erin is very upset about what has happened. Now she won’t even have the name Lady Gaga mentioned in front of her. Losing the father of her child to this woman and seeing pictures of him kissing her was bad enough — an absolute shock to everyone”, said a source.