Gemballa’s founder is reported missing in South Africa for three weeks

Police in South Africa is looking for Uwe Gemballa, the founder of the German tuning company Gemballa Automobiletechnik.

He disappeared three weeks ago. Uwe Gemballa was supposed to arrive in South Africa, where he intended to open a showroom, on February 8th and return on February 10.

South African police is working with German police to solve the case, said the police spokesman, Vishnu Naidoo.

Rumors say he might was kidnapped. Gemballa asked his wife to send him one million dollars after he had a traffic accident.

Gemballa Automobiletechnik has only 40 employees and builds super cars that end up costing up to $ 700,000.

The company has showrooms in Australia, Europe and United States.

In Germany rumors say that Gemballa’s disappearance would be motivated by difficult financial situation of his company.

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