Bentley presented the Continental Flying Star concept at Geneva

The model is created in order for a customer and will be built in 20 copies. This could foreshadow a Touring model from Bentley.

Bentley brought the current concept next to other concepts like Continental Supersports Convertible and Mulsanne.

The model is a proposal of a design that was made by the Italians of Carrozeria Touring Superleggera. Basically, the concept Bentley Continental Flying Star is a version of the Touring Bentley Continental.

The Bentley staff received the order for this model in 2008 for a particular customer and the project involved modification of pillars, extension of the ceiling, lengthening doors, external elements of the doors which are made of aluminum and tailgate is opened and closed electrically.

Rear seat is foldable and provides a variable load space. All changes are made according to the spirit of Bentley and respect the tradition and language design of the mark from Crewe.

Bentley will build only 20 copies of this particular model, each with a starting price of 804,000 dollars. Depending on the answer Bentley will receive they will consider developing some future Touring models.

Image source: Automarket