Michael Jackson’s son threatened with a gun by his cousin

According to rumors, Katherine Jackson’s lawyer, mother of the famous singer died last year, dismissed speculation appeared in a number of publications, that the young Jaafar, aged 13 years, son of singer Jermaine Jackson, tried to hurt with an electric shock gun on Blanket, son of Michael Jackson.

“Blanket Jackson has never seen and never heard the noise from that electric gun,” said attorney Adam Streisand. “No Paris Jackson either. Just Prince saw the electric gun when it was already in the hands of security officers. There wasn’t a second electric gun in the house”.

Lawyer Adam Streisand explained that Jaafar, who lives with his mother, Alejandra, in Encino, ordered from the internet that electric shock gun, two weeks ago, which he sealed himself in the bathroom , and tested it on a piece of paper.

“There weren’t other incidents. All the children are happy, healthy and wonderful, and this is the only thing that matters to Ms. Jackson, “explained lawyer Katherine Jackson.

Image source: thehollywoodgossip.com