Apple sued HTC

The Apple action into court is not officially directed against Google, but many analysts interpret it as an attack search leader on the Internet, which launched earlier this year Nexus One, a direct competitor of the iPhone.

Apple called HTC to court both at the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the United States and also at a Delaware court, seeking to prohibit HTC to sell, promote or distribute in the United States.

The complaint filed at the ITC it refers to phones HTC Hero, Dream and myTouch, but also at Google model , Nexus One. All these models use the Android operating system developed by Google for mobile phones.

“We are not part of the process. However, we support the Android operating system and the partners who have helped us develop it,” said a representative of Google.

HTC announced that it examines the allegations made by Apple.

“HTC offers great price to their patents and their appliance, but is determined to protect their own innovations in technology,” said Taiwanese company spokesman, Keith Nowak.

In a press release, HTC points out that in the first quarter, the financial results will not be affected by the process with Apple.