Are Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy unfaithful in their relationship?

The first rumors about the fact that both partners of the presidential couple would have each an affair appeared on micro-blogging platform Twitter.
After several days, these were taken by the site publication Le Journal du Dimanche.

Until now, Sarkozy has refused to confirm or infirm this rumor.
The first message on Twitter indicated that the wife of French President had an affair with Benjamin Biolay, a musician, winner of several international competitions.

At the same time, the message stating that Nicolas Sarkozy would found, in turn, his solace in the arms of Chantal Jouanno, a former karate champion aged 40, who currently occupies the position of Minister of Ecology.

The site says that Bruni and Biolay are good friends for many years and that now live together in Paris in the apartment of the musician.

“The Presidential Couple is living their last moments. Carla Bruni fell in love with Benjamin Biolay, while President has found his solace in the arms of Chantal Jouanno” wrote Le Journal du Dimanche.

Monogamy does not seem to be a natural quality of Bruni-Sarkozy spouses. French press often quotes on Carla Bruni, who previously said that “she is boring quickly of monogamy”.