5% of the Audi sold cars will be electric

About 5% of the total cars that Audi will sell in 2020 will be electric models, believes Michael Dick, one of the German mark’s directors.

Audi sets up until Sunday, at its stand from the Geneva Motor Show, the concept of “A1 e-trone”, an electric version of the fresh class model of small size launched by Audi A1.

A1 e-trone is the third concept 100% electric presented by the manufacturer and also the smaller one.

Last year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and in early 2010, at the Detroit Motor Show, Audi displayed other two e-throne concepts, both with sportive claims.

In addition, Audi has decided that one of the sport e-throne concepts to enter into series production in 2012 at the latest.

Even if there isn’t any official announcement concerning this matter, is almost certain that the A1 concept e-throne will make, at a certain time, the step to be a self status model.

Michael Dick told “Automobilwoche” that Audi needs about three years in order to implement the A1 e-trone in the commercial range.

Image source: magazine.web.de