Chavez asks for Internet control

In a television interview Chavez said that “the Internet is not something free, where people can do and say anything. No, each State must impose its rules and regulations.”

He noted news site Noticiero Digital Venezuela, saying that it posted false information that some of his close allies were killed.

Chavez asked the country’s general prosecutor to take immediate action against the Website. “This is a crime”, the South American leader appreciated.

The site is one of the most popular portals and contains critical news and reviews.

Chavez already has a tradition in conflicts with audiovisual and written press which is critical to his address. One of the anti-Chavez stations, Radio Caracas Television, was removed from the wire in 2007 after the president refused to renew its license.

In January, also, cable television providers and satellite have stopped running this channel and others as defiance of regulations on the full transmission of Chavez’s speech.

Last anti-Chavez channel, which now transmits free, Globovision, faces numerous investigations of governmental bodies in various charges.