Peugeot RC-Z, the first model of a new premium brand:”Hors-Series”

French from Peugeot has announced it will launch a series of premium models under a new brand, called Hors-series Peugeot.

The models will be sold under this brand for the premium segment and will add performance and higher quality materials on the inside.

The first model to be sold under premium brand new Peugeot is RCZ, followed by the SW version of 508.

The third model to be launched under the brand Peugeot Hors-series is still unannounced, but the launch is scheduled for 2012.

The translation of that name in French is “built in mass production,” which signifies the French desire to get more money for premium models that use platforms of some volume models.

Jean-Marc Gales, the new chief of the Peugeot, said Hors-series models from Peugeot will be sold on all markets where it operates the French producer without any translation.

Image source: Automarket