Toyota will sue ABC News for misleading viewers

ABC News is about to be sued by Toyota for published a movie where journalists simulated the throttle lock, and the images presented were not true.

Toyota’s general counsel sent a letter to ABC News president that asks to remove this video and apologize for misleading the public.

Video simulate a system error that controls the throttle, but the images were recorded while the machine was parked.

The reaction of ABC News did not delay to appear. An official from the television said the original images were shaking and that’s why two seconds were replaced.

Emily Lezner, the ABC News spokesman said: “It was a reckless thing to do during editing the film, because employees should have let the original images. In any case, I want to be well understood that the two seconds replaced at the assembly have not alter the outcome of the initial report”.

Toyota’s letter ends with a not very well hidden threat: “Also, please note that Toyota reserves the right to take any measures to protect and defend its reputation and its products and any irresponsible and inaccurate reclamation “.

Following this letter, the film produced by ABC News was not public.


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