TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster in a World Road Trip

The “Odyssey of Pioneers,” the trip will be the first of its kind. The car is poised to visit some 15 major cities and at least 150 smaller towns during the course of its journey.

Moreover, the car won’t be specially prepared for the journey due to fact that the TAG Heuer car is primarily a cosmetic enhancement of the stock Roadster Sport. Apart from green and red mirrors, a grey paint scheme, and a special edition watch piece mounted inside the car, the car is untouched.

The car started on its first leg on March 20, traveling 53 miles from Basel to Zurich in a convoy formed by 20 other Swiss Tesla owners. With a range of approximately 150 miles, the car will need to be charged nightly, which may create some issues in some remote parts of the world.

The trip seems to take approximately eight months, and should it make it to Paris come October, it’ll be the star at a huge celebration.

Image source: automobilemag.com