Who is Amanda Bynes’s new beau?

Even if Amanda doesn’t confirm, rumors say that her new beau might be the Canadian rapper Drake after he called her “Penny Lane” in one Tweet, and she noted in a message they have something in common: “Drake is half Jewish like me … word!”

On the other hand, in February she Tweeted, “FYI I’ve never met Drake! We have a mutual friend but we haven’t met yet! So for some reason people think we’re dating but we’re not!”

Even so, Amanda is really in love: “You’re the best, which is why I’m saving you for last,” she wrote before quoting love lyrics from Rihanna and Jay-Z and raiding iheartquotes.com for further inspiration.

The actress wrote a quote from Harry Potter: “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect”, which make us believe it’s about an old love.

Nevertheless, he rocked Bynes’s world for weeks. She writes: “It’s amazing when someone knows how to love you with out being told.”

Image source: community.livejournal.com