Porsche Panamera received the “Car of the Year” award

Porsche Panamera has received the distinction “Car of the Year” by the French Association of automotive press.

The award was received by Felix Brautigam, head of the Administration Board of Porsche Division in France, and the award was made by Denis Astagneau, president of AFPA (Association French Press Auto).

Porsche Panamera debuted on market in September and the model has already sold over 10,000 copies.

Porsche factory in Leipzig celebrated three months ago the production of the number 10,000 unit.

Panamera surpassed models like Ford Focus RS and Nissan GT-R, which shared fourth place, while the Opel Insignia has received the third place and the Audi A5 has got the second position in this ranking.

Soon after launching, the Panamera received the Golden Steering Wheel and Auto Trophy awards in Germany.

The producer from Stuttgart has an annual production target of 20,000 copies of Panamera, which is built alongside Cayenne at the factory in Leipzig.

Until now, the most wanted version of Panamera was 4S (44% of orders), it followed the Panamera Turbo (36%) and Panamera S (20%).

Image source: news.automedia.bg