Nissan might collaborate with Mercedes

The Japanese would benefit of more powerful engines of the Germans and the Mercedes electric technology and the lithium-ion batteries of the Japanese.

Japanese press rumors these days about a possible collaboration between Nissan and Daimler.

It appears that the partnership will help both sides to develop in the future, but on different sectors.

Specifically, Nissan needs larger engines, which Mercedes can offer, thanks to the work of the AMG performance division.

Mercedes is interested in electrical technology that Nissan has and the lithium-ion batteries used to power the series model Leaf.

Daimler is in advanced talks with Nissan’s alliance partner as Renault, which means that Germans could sign a contract with the entire conglomerate headed by Carlos Ghosn.

The Nissan spokesman declined on commenting on rumors published in the press, but experts expect that Ghosn to come out with statements regarding the progress of negotiations in the coming weeks.