Saab is searching for a new partnership

Victor Muller, head of Saab-Spyker has announced that he discuss with a number of potential business partners for future collaboration.

Future partnership aims to both exchange technology, and a way back to profits for those at Saab, in conditions which they would work with a manufacturer to reduce costs.

The aim of the Saab staff is to return to profit until 2012, and Victor Muller makes a real world “tour” of ten days in which he discuss with many important players in the automotive market.

The new head of Saab sees collaboration with other manufacturers as an essential element of survival and returning to profit of the Swedish brand.

He believes that Saab is interesting for all manufacturers in the world because they do not consider as a threat.

Also, Saab has many elements that may help other manufacturers, but the head of Saab-Spyker they did not give any details, so we can’t intuit exactly what partners Saab will have in the near future.

Image source: Automarket