The first car with Google Android comes from China

Roewe 350 will become the first car in the world that will provide customers this operating system. The model will be on market in late April.

If you know the Roewe brand, this is because it is the brand that became Rover after SAIC bought the rights to use the technology of the brand in Britain.

According to the Chinese manufacturer, the model will use Google Android version 2.1, available on the cell phone recently launched, Nexus One.

This will give the opportunity for the driver to access the GPS through Google Maps and to use the web surfing capabilities of the system when the car is stopped.

It is very interesting that Google has chosen to enter with Android on a car that is not in the premium line of the Chinese market, the Roewe 350 following to cost between 70,000 and 130,000 yuani, meaning between 7600 and 14,000 euros.

Image source: Automarket