Amy Winehouse + Usher =future song?

“Amy personally called Usher after asking her people to get his number,” a source close to the British diva told UK tabloid the Daily Star.

“He was shocked to hear some Cockney girl chatting away but finally believed it was Amy when she sang for him.

“Amy wants to release a song with him and her god-daughter Dionne is desperate for the pair to perform together.”

Others rumors say that Amy has put on “at least half a stone” in the hope it’ll help her get pregnant.

“Amy’s looking so much better because she’s been off drugs for a good six months,” a source said last month.

“She used to survive on sweets, ice cream and crisps, but she’s been stocking up on vegetables and fresh produce so that she can do some cooking and hopefully get pregnant.

“Her biggest addiction now is probably shopping for designer shoes. She’s also visiting the gym.

“Blake’s spent five months clean because he’s had no choice, but they were such a bad influence on each other in the past that everyone’s wondering whether it’s too soon to bring a baby into their lives.”