Ferrari Presents 599 GTO Configurator

The 599 GTO Configurator has a virtually unlimited number of exterior paint schemes.

The car has four different liveries that you can choose from.

Moreover, next is a racing livery  which features a single racing stripe up the center of the car with matching mirrors and a total of 28 colors just for the contrasting stripe, and the final historical racing livery features a single horizontal hood stripe with a side number circle.

Inside the car are 12 Alcantara interior colors and 14 interior leather colors along with five seat insert color options.

The customers can choose from three different lightweight “Challenge Style” rims, five brake caliper colors, numerous exterior carbon fiber options, and impressively, some luxury items such as parking sensors and a Bose sound system.

If you want to use the car on racing, you may order direct from the factory a four-point belt, in any of three different colors.

After you finish building your 599 GTO, Ferrari won’t give you a price unless you talk to a dealership. To build your 599 GTO check out the Ferrari configurator site.

Image source: automobilemag