Zagato will release a new car concept: the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa

The model will be called Alfa RomeoTZ3 Corsa and is a tribute to the special models of Alfa TZ in the past.

For now, those from Zagato had no further details about the new concept that will debut on April 23.

The Zagato concept would be the third Alfa Romeo concept introduced this year, all four being made in honor of the centenary manufacturer in Milan.

Italians are involved in other design projects such as creating automatic electric train system for passenger for a city in Abu Dhabi.

Many Zagato models are known for special ceiling that has two bumps, which gives drivers plenty of room for competition helmet.

Other special features of Zagato models we mention that the lights are the first elements of the car body from the front, flat handles of doors and the absence of bumpers protruding body, and no side mirrors.

Image source: Automarket