BMW’s factory in South Carolina had the fastest startup in automotive history

The Factory’s facility has seen several models roll off its assembly line such as 2-year run of the 3-series, Z3, and the Z4.

Recent reports say that daily, an average of 600 vehicles of X5 and X6 roll off its line.

Up next is finishing its $750 million expansion, Spartanburg will soon be home to the second-generation X3, which debuts this fall at the Paris auto show.

This is the fastest factory startup in automotive history due to fact that BMW broke ground in 1992, and just 23 months later produced its first vehicle at the plant.

BMW says that over 70 percent of its output is exported to 120 markets worldwide. Just last year, the plant announced another milestone; it had produced over 1.5 million vehicles since opening its doors.

In 2009 the manufacturer invested a total of $4 billion into its South Carolina operations with 5000 of directly workers and over 23,000 jobs created through its operations.

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