Is Oprah Winfrey really a liar?

The author describes Oprah based on anonymous sources and tired gossip material to write about the talk show host’s sexuality and friendship with Gayle King.

Even if Kelley wrote about famous subjects such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Frank Sinatra and Nancy Reagan she never been successfully sued for libel or forced to retract a written statement.

In a specific chapter, the author quotes Winfrey’s cousin, Katharine Carr. Simply put, Carr paints Oprah as someone who is an enemy of the truth…

“Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches, I have no idea. [Oprah’s grandmother] kept a spotless house… It was a wooden, six-room house with a large living room that had a fireplace and rocking chair,” Carr says, adding: “I’ve confronted her and asked ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘That’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring.'”

Nevertheless, Carr says she loves her cousin and forgives her because Oprah has done so much for other people.
On the other hand, Carr says : “Oprah does not love her mother at all… She gives her a great deal financially, but she does not give her the respect and affection a daughter should, and that bothers me.”