Sandra Bullock in danger of being killed?

Judicial sources confirmed that two weeks ago McGee’s former husband, Shane Modica said he received a call from a person in Missouri who claimed that Michelle McGee wanted to kill him and Bullock, and that was the mysterious person who had to do so.

According to sources, the mysterious person claimed to have received the order to kill before the sex scandal.

Judicial sources confirmed that the person in Missouri contacted the local office of the FBI to inform them of the situation, and the FBI subsequently contacted the local office of sheriff.

According to tmz, representatives of the local office of sheriff had discussions with the person from Missouri, who is rumored to have suffered a blow to the head, which caused him “loss of sense of reality.”

The Missouri Office of FBI announced the office in Los Angeles, but sources told that investigators have labeled the threat as being false.

The FBI did not want to comment on the situation.