The new Audi A7 will debut in Moscow this year

Model fit between the A6 and A8 and comes with improved dynamics.Audi will launch the new A7 on August 25, at the Moscow Motor Show.

Officially called the A7 Sportback, the new model will represent a compromise between the A6 and A8 and will be the third model released in the Audi model Sportback range.

One of Audi’s designers, Achim Badstuebner said: “Sportback is a progressive four-door model, but with a dynamic roof line and a large trunk opening. The four doors and a trunk that opens wide, gives the car a more family character.”

Audi will borrow many elements of construction and design from the concept called Sportback, presented at the Auto Show in Detroit in 2009.
Among the major changes are the no glass ceiling of series version or lights, bumpers and side mirrors changed.

The model will be about five feet in length, its size being recommend for those who want the space of A8 and the A6’s dynamic.

Image source: Automarket