General Motors paid its loan with five years earlier

General Motors has paid all its debts accumulated towards the American State during the 2009 crisis and now makes progress in his return after the bankruptcy proceedings it went through the middle of last year.

According to U.S. official, the payment was done faster than was expected because of good products launched by GM lately.

“We were able to return taxpayers’ money ahead of time because we draw, build and sell the best cars that GM has ever produced, “said Whitacre.

GM reported losses of 4.3 billion dollars in post-bankruptcy period in 2009, but officials say the results are encouraging in order to re-income in the year 2010.

In these conditions, GM could again become a private company in 2010 or 2011.

The U.S. state has bought 60.8% of GM in July 2009, the Canadian government and a trust holding significant percentage of General Motors.

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