Oprah’s aunt denies all

“I’m sorry this book portraying her falsely was ever written and that I participated by answering questions”, said Katherine Carr Esters.

Even if she isn’t Oprah’s aunt, the talk show star called her “aunt” because of the age difference.

Moreover, Esters says she wants to talk to Oprah to explain why she spoke with Kelley.

“Kitty Kelley misquoted me when she said I told her who your father was,” Esters said. ” ‘How could I know?’ That’s all I’d want to tell her.”

Therefore, Esters said that, around the time Kelley came to see her in 2007, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, who was attempting to trace the Winfrey roots, had visited her.

Not to mention that “the aunt” said she mistakenly believed the two were working together.

“While I found [Esters] to be a strong woman with the courage to speak her mind,” Kelley told the paper in a prepared statement, “I gather that she may have come under some pressure.”

Image source: harryallen.info