Steven Seagal : above the law or wrongly accused?

It’s about Damien Ross, a former friend of Ray Charles.

It seems that Ross was the one who set up the initial meeting between Ray’s granddaughter, Blair Robinson, and the actor.

It took place in a Memphis hotel in 2004, so Seagal could interview her for a personal assistant position.

Robinson has since accused Seagal of demanding sexual favors from her.

According to Ross, Robinson was never alone with Seagal not to mention that they never even had a room in the same hotel as the troubled star, which contradicts what Blair wrote in a sworn statement last week.

According to Marty Singer, Seagal’s lawyer, “Ms. Robinson was never employed by Steven Seagal and never received any compensation from any entity even though she claimed to have worked more than six years ago for my client.”