Here is the new Lotus concept that reduces the car’s mass

Lotus has shown that using lightweight materials and efficient design, the mass of a conventional vehicle can significantly decrease.

Moreover, the English have shown that a vehicle in 2020 could reduce its total weight by 38% while the production costs would increase by only three percentage points.

Lotus Engineering has used as a subject the Toyota Venza model, which resulted two concepts, one labeled for 2017 and the other for 2020.

After the study was made, the car scheduled for 2017 in development of which were used only materials found in this market, managed to reduce their total mass by 21% and even reduce production cost by two percent.

On the other hand, in the case of the second concept, scheduled for 2020, Lotus engineers have used materials that are viable in the near future. The concept counts only 211 basic components while the Venza counts nearly 400.

Therefore, if the Japanese model is built from 100% steel, the Lotus creation is composed of 37% aluminum, magnesium 30%, 21% composite materials and only 7% with high resistance steel.

In these conditions, the 38% reduced mass would decrease also the consumption by about 23%.

Image source: Automarket