Lexus will present a hybrid bike in UK

Lexus will bring to the Great British Bike Ride a hybrid bike.

The exhibit that will be presented at this event is one of the only two existing in the world and has wheel drive.

The hybrid from Lexus is equipped with an electric motor of 240 watts, powered by a lithium-ion battery of 25.9 volts.

The Lexus hybrid bicycle has two operating modes: Eco and Power.

The electric engine only engages the front wheel, while leg strength is transposed to the rear wheels via a gear system which is based on rubber straps.

This bike has eight speeds, which are made by Shimano and are located inside the frame.

This bike is made of carbon fiber and has an extremely low mass.

Unfortunately for fans the bike from Lexus will not go into production soon, being just a technological study.

Lexus will present a hybrid bicycle with full wheel drive to an event in UK organized to highlight the benefits of cycling. Lexus is also the main sponsor of this event.

Image source: Automarket