Madonna, the imagine of D&G house

Last week, she posed in Harlem, for a campaign to promote the collection autumn / winter 2010 by Dolce & Gabbana house.

Again, the Italian housekeeper position it fits her well and that concluded with one of her most successful pictorials.


She poses for D & G as housewife sexy while she cleans floors, washes dishes, cooks and eats spaghetti, dressed from head to toe in clothing prestigious designers.

Nevertheless, critics see no originality in this fashion collection, but rather the similarities with the previous. Madonna posed with the same jewels, the same crucifix and high heels.


Stefano Gabbana was extremely enthusiast and wrote on Twitter: “They started shooting the campaign for women …the photoshoot is working very well!! Very nice photo session … … Madonna … is always the BEST !!!!”.

Next to D & G image, Madonna made a partnership with the two designers who will create a sunglass model due to launch next month.

Image source: Dolce&Gabbana