Did Faust gave his soul to the Devil?

By the age of 30, Faust completed his studies and in his native country and also in Krakow, where he obtained a doctorate in theology.

Besides, the mysterious character is distinguished by his abilities as a physician, alchemist, philosopher, magician, astrologer and horoscopes creator.

In Krakow he encounters on Martin Luther and Philip Melachton, characters with whom he has a strong friendship.

Some rumors say that the two were even witnesses to the pact that Faust made with devil.

Rumors have been launched since his lifetime, so that Faust was fired from the Ehrfut University, where he used to teach ancient philosophy.

It seems that in a conversation with a Franciscan priest called Dr. Klinge, Faust testified that he had more trust in demons than in God.

After such a reputation, Faust is banished from academia and church and makes his living by selling horoscopes and trying to transform simple metals into gold by alchemical processes.
After such an experiment, the doctor is torn into pieces by an explosion and dies.

Image source: duncanlaw.files.wordpress.com