Facebook will be integrated in Battle.net service from Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment announced that its new games digital platform, Battle.net, which will offer the support of multiplayer for the strategy StarCraft II, will be integrated with the social network Facebook in order to offer players a new experience.

The StarCraft II players will be able to add friends on Facebook on their friends list from Battle.net, which means that will no longer need an ID or email address.
Battle.net already exist for some time, offering support for Starcraft, Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft II beta.

Paul Sams, chief of operations at Blizzard Entertainment, said that this new functionality will facilitate the work of those who want to connect with friends on Battle.net in order to play all future titles.

Therefore, Diablo 3 will have the same level of integration with Facebook.

Battle.net will be available with the game Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty which will be launched on July 27, 2010.

Image source: terminalgamer.com