A 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic was auctioned for a sum over $30 million

The auction Company Gooding managed to sell a Bugatti 57SC Atlantic for a record amount in the area, located between 30 and 40 million dollars.

The client and the exact amount that was sold this model remained confidential, primarily because of extremely high value of the transaction.

Therefore, this Bugatti surpassed the Ferrari250 Testa Rossa model from 1957 sold in 2009 for 12.2 million dollars and its value may increase further in the coming years.

Bugatti built only four cars Type 57SC Atlantic. Only two or three of them still exists today. One is owned by Ralph Lauren, while the second was held by the late Dr. Peter Williamson – a collector of classic Bugatti, which owned this model sold at this auction.

The location of the other two copies produced is still questionable, increasing the value of the two models of whose existence is confirmed.

Bugatti 57SC Atlantic is a model derived from the prototype Aerolithe Electron Coupe presented at Paris Motor Show in 1935.

At that time, the model has caused a sensation among the public and helped Italians from Bugatti record three very specific orders.

Each of the three models built is unique and this copy is the first of his series and has an enormous historical significance.

Image source: Automarket