Adobe is the new Cuppidon over Apple’s hate

It’s a smart campaign, countering Apple’s hate with love, placing peace over war, good over evil, and so on, but truth to be told, they just want to sell their new CS5 Suite. And also, they want a slice of that App Store cake. More precisely, to be able to sell the Flash-made iPhone / iPad Apps on the Apple’s Store.

The context of this is Steve Jobs’ rant against Flash in which he says:

I wanted to jot down some of our thoughts on Adobe’s Flash products so that customers and critics may better understand why we do not allow Flash on iPhones, iPods and iPads. Adobe has characterized our decision as being primarily business driven – they say we want to protect our App Store – but in reality it is based on technology issues. Adobe claims that we are a closed system, and that Flash is open, but in fact the opposite is true. Let me explain.

To this, Adobe retorts:

Openness is at Adobe’s core. Our first technology was an open standard that liberated publishing from proprietary printing systems, and soon afterward our PDF technology eliminated barriers to sharing documents across platforms.
Adobe® Flash® technology enables the delivery of content to hundreds of millions of people, regardless of platform or browser. In 2009, in partnership with Google, Research In Motion, and dozens of other companies, we formed the Open Screen Project, a coalition committed to making web experiences seamlessly available on any mobile device.

In the end, we think Adobe won’t succeed with this campaign in convincing Apple to accept their technology.

It’s like a must divorcee couple with her hating him and him wanting desperately to tell her that his the one!