The corsets are back in fashion!

Old corset was removed from the female wardrobe almost 100 years ago, after being considered a true symbol of containment of women’s rights.

If women gave up at the corset decades ago, a gesture that is associated with women’s emancipation movement in the United States, in 2010, women are becoming ready to wear again this awkward accessory.

Recently, in Scotland, a store that deals only with manufacturing and selling corsets, has reopened after decades, acording to “The Scotsman”.

Nobody is probably happier to hear that, after so many years, the corset is again fashionable, than American Cathie Jung, 72 years old.

Cathie is without doubt the “Queen of corsets”. She entered the Guinness Book as the person with the thinnest waist in the world – only 38 inches.

Her “Performance” is not because of a malformations or any illness. Cathie wore a corset since childhood, which prevented the waist to develop.

What’s more amazing is that this hasn’t affected her health and she had three healthy children.