The Pin-Up Style

As examples, we have Marilyn Monroe, Anita Ekberg, Rita Hayworth and Vivian Blaine, who stunned us by the daring outfit they wore. Lately, so many Hollywood stars try to emulate this style, adapted to their tastes and the new trends.

1. The Hair

Regardless of the color and length hair, keep it in big loose curls. You can use the curling iron or curlers. Hair accessories are extremely important. You can choose from an extremely varied: oversized paper clips, bows, ribbon or band.


2. Clothing and footwear

Wear clothes as colorful. Predominant colors of this style are red, yellow, blue, pink, orange and white. As printed materials, use those which have flowers, spots or strip.
Regarding the shoes, there is a wide range. Necessarily it must have high heels and not the base. You can choose between those with muzzle round, cut, peep toe or sandals.

3. Makeup and manicure

Specifically to this style is the grating makeup with a face without impurities or problems. So use a foundation, to needs to be applied to both front and neck. The powder should be a compact one because it covers better and it offers a soft look.

For eye makeup choose a Smokey-eyes. Use dark makeup and for a seductive look use a toner. You can underline your lips with bright red or pink shades. To shine, add a little gloss over lipstick. For your nails you should always use bright colors such as orange, red or blue.