The 63rd Cannes Film Festival’s Winners

The movie “Oncle Boonmee celui qui se souvient de ses vies anterieures” directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, awarded with the Palme d’Or (the top prize at the International Film Festival in Cannes), tells the story of Boonmee, suffering from severe kidney failure and decides to live the last days of his life in the countryside. Strangely, he meets the ghosts of his wife and son, and goes on a originating journey. The film is a co-production UK, Thailand, France, Germany, Spain.



The French, on the other hand, can not complain: they had three trophies left, including Grand Jury prize, the prize for best director and best female interpretation.

So the Grand Jury Prize was awarded to the film “Des Hommes et des dieux” directed by Xavier Beauvois, while the Jury Prize went to the movie “L’homme qui CRIE” by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun.

On the other hand, “Ano Bisesto” by Michael Rowe was awarded with Camera d’Or.

The Best Director award went to Mathieu Amalric for “Tournee”, while the Screenplay Award was given to Lee Chang-Dong for “Poetry.”

Also, the Palme d’Or for short film went to “Chienne d’Histoire” by Serge Avedikian, while short film Jury Prize went to “Micky Bader” Frida Kempff.

The role from the romantic drama “Copie Conforme” brought to the french actresse Juliette Binoche the award for best female interpretation. The actress joked saying that unlike her character, she believes in love and that one day she will marry.

As expected by the critics, Javier Bardem’s game from the drama “Biutiful” wasn’t left outside. The spanish actor shared the award for the Best Male Performance with the young italian actor Elio Germano, awarded for his role in “La Nostra Vita”.

Javier Bardem’s speech brought tears in the eyes of Penelope Cruz, his life partner: “I share the joy with my friend, my coleague and my love Penelope, whom I owe a lot. I love you!”, said Javier.

The trophy for Best Director went to the creator Mathieu Amalric for “Tournee”, a movie about a girl stripper band. The same movie received the FIPRESCI Prize from the international critics.

Here is the 63rd Cannes Film Festival’s full list of the winners:

The Palme d’Or: “Oncle qui Boonmee the plain is souvient VIES antérieures” by Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Grand Jury Prize: “Des Hommes et des Dieux” by Xavier Beauvois

Male Performance Award: Javier Bardem (“Biutiful”) and Elio Germano (“In our beef)

Feminine interpretation Award: Binoche Juliette (“copies”)

Award for Best Screenplay: Lee Chang-Dong for “Poetry”

Directing Award: Mathieu Amalric for “Tournee”

Jury Prize: “A homme qui CRIE” by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun Camera d’Or (film debut): “Ano bisesto” by Michael Rowe

Palme d’Or for short: “Chienne d’histoire” by Serge Avedikian

Jury Prize for short film: “Micky Bader” Frida Kempff

FIPRESCI International Critics Award: “Tournee” by Mathieu Amalric (official selection) Adrienn Pal “deAgnès Kocsis (Un Certain Regard) sodades vos Capitains Todos” Olivier Laxe (Directors’ Fortnight)

Ecumenical Jury Prize: “Des Hommes et des Dieux” by Xavier Beauvois

Special Mention: “Another Year” by Mike Leigh and “Poetry” by Lee Chang-dong

Un Certain Regard 2010

Grand Prix Un Certain Regard: “Ha ha ha” by Hong Sangsoo

Jury Prize: “octobre” by Daniel and Diego Vega

Feminine interpretation Award: Victoria Raposo, Eve Bianco and Adela Sanchez to Los Labia “Ivan Santiago Loza Fund and Cinefondation 2010

Prize: “Taulukauppiaat” by Juho Kuosmanen

Second Prize: “Coucou les nuages” by Vincent Cardona

Prize ex aequo: “Hinkerort Zorasune” by Vatche Boulghourjian and “Ja Vac EVS jesam Elim ono to give Imam” Dane Komljen

The 2010 Semaine Critique

The Grand Prix Semaine Critique: “Armadillo” by Janus Metz

Young critics award: “Sound of Noise ‘of Ola Simonsson

Canal + Grand Prize for Best Short: “Berik” by Daniel Joseph Borgman

Kodak Award for short film: “Deeper Than Yesterday” by Ariel Kleiman Directors’ Fortnight 2010

Directors’ Fortnight 2010

Art Cinema Award: “pieds nus sur les limaces” by Fabienne Berthaud

SACD Award: “Illegal” by Olivier Masset-Overages

Label Europa Cinema Award: “Le Quatro Volta ‘by Michelangelo Frammartino

SFR Award for Short (ex aequo): “Search” by Ionut Piturescu and “Last Seen Mary” by Sean Durkin

Queer Palm in 2010: “Kaboom” by Gregg Araki

France Culture Cinema Prize 2010: Ronit Elkabetz