Lots of rumors for Apple’s WWDC

“Topping the list of purported new features is Safari Reader, which will “will make web page reading easier by extracting and organizing the text,” reports 9to5Mac.

Bing is also set to make an appearance in version 5. This development, if you’ll remember last week, is not real surprise given all the talk about the search engine joining the iPhone alongside Google search.

Rounding out the news are claims that Safari 5 will render Javacript “25% faster” so that the browser is more Chrome- and Opera-like. HTML5 support, unsurprisingly, is primed to get polished and improved.

So there are a few updates, yes, but what we do not see, again, is any indication that a Safari extensions API will be made available at WWDC or within Safari 5. Maybe that’ll be “one more thing…”

according to Gizmodo

There are also some reports that some MobileMe users are seeing their account type switch from “individual” to “Full Member”, the hope being that a WWDC announcement will make everyone a “Free Member” by default.

Of course it could amount to nothing, but there have been rumors that this might happen, and in any event it’s certainly something we’ve been hoping would happen.

MobileMe’s services aren’t really a luxury anymore, and users are increasingly growing to expect that type of seamless, automatic syncing on their devices. Announcing a free, basic MobileMe service at WWDC would go a long way to getting Apple’s head in the cloud and fulfilling that expectation.

image source: Gizmodo

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