Prince William and Kate Middleton: Dress worth $200,000, $40 millions wedding, half planet as the audience

Rumors on the fact that Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton are engaged have intensified in recent years, despite the fact that it was not made any official announcement, reports

Although the engagement has not yet been officially announced, journalists rushed to submit the figures relating to their wedding. Star Magazine claims that the wedding will cost around 40 million dollars and that Kate Middleton has already ordered a wedding dress for $200,000.

Estimates show that around three billion people (that’s almost half a planet) will watch the ceremony on television, an audience four times higher than the wedding of Prince Charles with Diana in 1981.

The two met in 2003 when they were students at the St. Andrews University in Scotland. In 2007 they parted for a short time and now press writes that “are closer than ever.” Sources close to the two stated that the Prince is about to offer his girlfriend a ring with a 18-carat sapphire, which belonged to his mother, Pricess Diana.

Image source: royalromance