The former head of Saab could be the next chief of Volvo

Those from Dagens Industri announced that Jonsson is part of a “handful” of candidates for the key post of head of the board for Saab. According to the Swedish newspaper representatives from Gothenburg producer has already begun discussions with the chief of Trollhättan’s mark . As you know, Volvo is owned by the Chinese and Saab is owned by Spyker Cars.

The current head of Volvo, Stephen Odell, plans to leave to the leadership of Ford Europe, currently held by Fleming. In this case, Volvo should have another leader until signing the contract between Ford and Geely in August this year. Per-Ake Froberg, the Volvo spokesman, declined to comment on this information, saying that these details are known only to heads of Geely.

Last time Volvo made a profit in 2005, despite record sales in 2007. In an attempt to achieve profitability, the Swedes were forced to abandon several positions in recent years and to make various compromises. Volvo’s new owners do not accept the loss even for a year, so the new leader will have lots of things to do. As for Saab, the Trollhattan mark could be driven by Victor Muller.

Image source: Automarket