A new arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan

Judge Marsha Revel, who insisted that Lindsay Lohan should always wear a bracelet that monitors his blood alcohol concentration, emergency recalled Tuesday, the actress’s lawyer, after learning that the device began to transmit light and audio signals, during a gala attended by the American artist.

Lindsay Lohan violated a court order which banned her from drugs and alcohol. Linsday attended the party held Sunday night after the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, attracting the eyes of those present when monitoring bracelet began to emit light and audible signals, announcing the authorities that Lindsay Lohan is violating the terms of parole agreement. Lindsay Lohan was forced to wear this bracelet in May, after she missed a hearing in the U.S. court, beeing accused of using drugs and driving a car drunk.

Judge Marsha Revel recalled Tuesday in court, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the prosecutor’s office representatives and Shawn Chapman Holley, Linsday Lohan’s lawyer. After an emergency hearing, Marsha Revel decided that signals from the alarm monitoring bracelet indicate that Linsday violated the terms of parole system. U.S. judge has set a new bond worth $200,000 and a further hearing in this case, will take place on July 6.

This is the second arrest warrant issued on behalf of Lindsay Lohan in the last month, after she missed the hearing scheduled on May 20, claiming that her passport has been stolen during the Cannes Film Festival and she was forced to stay in Europe.

Former Disney star (“Diary of a teenage”, “Herbie”) and big hope for Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan was in the spotlight in 2007 after being arrested twice for drunk driving after spending two months in a rehab clinic. In addition, when she was arrested, police found in the car heading small quantities of drugs. This incident drew in August 2007, a one day prison sentence – which carried just 84 minutes – and ten hours of community work. Also, the actress is under judicial supervision by the end of this year.