Violent games are not harmful to children. On the contrary!

The reality is that most children are not adversely affected by these games. On the contrary.

The American Psychologists Association recently conducted a study on the effects of video games on youth. The “mice” were 118 youth in the United States. The researchers wanted to see how they are influenced by violence in video games.

The conclusion might shock the every psychologist out there – trying to become famous by spreading false assumptions: only a very small proportion of children are negatively influenced by violent games. Most of them don’t have to suffer as a result thereof. In short, violent games are not a problem to younger generations, as the false grounded idea.

Affected by games are those children who already have violent impulses. Violent video games do nothing to reveal this feature. Which is better, given that early detected violent tendencies can be corrected through education.

Moreover, for most children, these games are even positive. Violent games makes them, in fact, be more peaceful in daily life. Moreover, according to U.S. researchers, they not only behave better in society, but get better grades on tests and school, says Christopher J. Ferguson of Texas A & M University.

The researchers come with another pleasing conclusion. Some games, especially designed and developed, could prevent asthma attacks, increase tolerance to pain and should help treat diabetes.

So, play well!

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