Google has deleted the private data accidentally obtained from wireless networks in Austria, Denmark and Ireland

Google Inc. apologized again for collecting personal information of users using wireless networks, indicating that they were not used for any service or product group.

The letter, signed by Pablo Chavez, director of public policy at Google, is a response to questions from congressmen for Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt.

Google says that the cars used in Street View program, which go through city streets in more than 30 countries to obtain images, intercepted inadvertently personal informations sent through unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

“We deleted all the «payload» data identified as coming from Ireland, Denmark and Austria, at the request of authorities in these countries,” said Chavez, adding that data collected in the United States will continue to be stored because of court proceedings already in progress deployment.

Internet users in several U.S. states sued the company, seeking compensation for the damage suffered. The group is accused of having violated local and federal laws, but Chavez insisted that Google has not acted illegally. “We believe we have not violated U.S. law by collecting «payload» data, configured to be accessible (ie unencrypted and thus accessible to a user equipment),” he said.

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