Goodbye Windows XP on netbooks, from October 22

The deadline for the sales of the operating system with laptops has been extended at least once, but now Microsoft promises that this date is final. In addition, they say that in the United States, 81% of sold netbooks come with a preinstalled version of Windows 7. Those who have installed Service Pack 2 will not receive updates from July 13 and it is recommended to install Service Pack 3. The latter will have some support until April 2014, which makes us believe that after 13 years there will be plenty of nostalgia. You’ll be surprised to learn that Windows XP had two months ago a market share of 56%, beeing the most used operating system worldwide?

Let’s have a quick recap. According to Microsoft, it runs even on a 233 MHz processor, helped by just 64 MB RAM. The systems equipped with Pentium II could drop Windows 98 or 2000 for the XP version, and a screen resolution of 800×600 ensured an acceptable use. However it turned into the best operating system for netbooks, low-performance systems than the average market systems. Because Windows Vista had system requirements too high, XP came to be contemporary with Windows 7. Considering that Windows 8 is scheduled for August 2012, we will have four Microsoft operating systems, each with a slice of the global market.

Windows XP, we just do not say goodbye yet, but your days are numbered.